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Matragos Fruit S.A is a company dedicated to the standardization, packaging, marketing and export of citrus and other fruit, mainly oranges.

Matragos Fruit S.A produces, collects, packages, stores and supplies high quality citrus fruits (oranges, mandarins, lemons), and other kinds of fruit (apricots, grapes, watermelons, melons, peaches), in Greece and all other European countries.

Matragos Fruit SA - Exports FruitMatragos Fruit's export of oranges has experienced a constant and soaring demand in all foreign countries leading the company to continuously invest both in modern production lines, which allow the deliverability of 200 tons per day in varying forms of packaging, as well as in the expertise of skilled manpower.

Citrus fruits, and all other kinds of fruit our company exports, possess a distinguished place among the largest European commercial food chains, the largest import companies abroad and they also adorn the shelves of the most renowned super-markets around the world.

Only after meeting the strictest hygiene requirements and adhering meticulously to specifications throughout all stages of harvesting, sorting, preservation and packaging, does Matragos Fruit S.A supply the European market with fresh and exceptionally flavorful and tasty Greek fruit.

The varieties of oranges and mandarins our company exports are among the best of their kind. It is exceptionally high quality fruit, just as juicy and delicious as when you cut it from its tree. Fruit so rich in vitamins, it has incomparable nutritional value.

Matragos Fruit SA - Exports FruitOur reliable and punctual deliveries, insured under liability provisions, combined with our incessant effort to ensure services which exceed customer expectations, but mainly our guaranteed high quality fruit, rank us in the top positions of the international citrus market. The plant management at Matragos, exporter of citrus and other fruit, guarantees excellent business partnerships, motivated by our company's long and dynamic developing progress in all countries, always keeping in mind the specific characteristics and needs of each particular market.

Above all, Matragos guarantees the excellent quality of its fruit, which in combination with the exceptional soil and environmental growing conditions of the world-renowned Argoliko region (the heart of citrus fruit production in Greece), ensures the satisfaction of the most demanding final consumer who looks for healthy and delicious fruit.

Customers do not trust your promises if you do not constantly and consistently safeguard the high quality of your products and service.

Matragos Fruit S.A is really proud of the long-standing trust it has built with its customers and aims to further its commercial partnerships in even more countries, always respecting and constantly striving for improvement in the overall quality of its services.






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